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SBO is the pioneer bandwidth optimization solution for uninterrupted and secured VoIP termination. Its unique multiple data links bonding along with many other exciting features- all are available at market best price. In our solution we make it possible to run a single call of G729 codec at as low as 8 kbps data usage which enables a staggering 5 fold call increase with the same bandwidth or internet data usage.

sbo features

SyncSbo V.3

Sync V.3 is a standard platform that includes efficient management of gateways, calls as well as customers along with intelligent call routing, switching, and monitoring. Merging all of these functionalities on a single platform makes it a powerful solution for VoIP businesses. It's an ideal platform for Global carriers in the VoIP industry, VoIP traffic traders and SBO (Synchronous Bandwidth Optimizer) users who don't have a SoftSwitch of their own.

SyncSwitch Info

Sync Portal

SyncPortal is a web-based platform for our trusted partners. It is a secure and easy way to check-in to your account for Synchronous products management. You Can Change Your Origination Ip Any Time From Sync-Portal & Also You can Check your Live ASR & ACD.